About No Te Dejes

NoTeDejes was founded in 2000 to support families on a path to citizenship and educational success. We understand that family success is defined by more than immigration status, and that education, community and family are all important as a whole.
Our services aim to equip parents to understand their rights, and become familiar with the resources available to navigate educational systems, available supports for special needs, and tools for everything in between.
Our Parent Education Empowerment Program aims to help parents achieve success where immigration and education intersect: Parent Education and Empowerment Program: Padres Logrando (Parents Achieving)

  • Our trainings will provide a platform to connect with information to advocate for your child, navigate systems of care, as well as connect with much-needed resources
  • Positive Parenting Techniques
  • How to effectively communicate with providers
  • Advocating for your child’s education
  • Understanding Special Education
  • Where and how to find Community Resources
  • Help build informed decision-making as it relates to services and supports for your child

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